Before sales, Sheerherb provides factory inspection, formulation design, customized packaging, cooperative research and development and third-party testing services. In addition, an official quotation form and certificate of anlysis are necessary.

Every salesperson at Sheerherb has rich professional knowledge and experience in import and export, and can help customers deliver goods in the most favorable, fastest and safest way.

Product inventory is indispensable, each product always maintains some inventory, and keep these inventory within 4 months from the production date, so that fast delivery will be guaranteed at any time.

After sales, Sheerherb's sales staff will provide you with customs clearance information as soon as possible. On the other side, the 4 logistics specialists of Sheerherb will follow up the goods at any time. We will work together to ensure the safety and arrival of the goods.

When the goods arrive, if there is a serious accident such as serious damage to the packaging, omissions, etc., we will communicate with the carrier to claim and compensate the customer. Of course, if the goods are detected to have any quality problems, we support refunds and will actively deal with any quality problems, although the probability of this is very small.

With a serious attitude towards each customer and a sense of responsibility for the development of the health industry, Sheerherb will spare no effort to do a good job in every business.